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claim_this's Journal

Claim Anything in the World
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Claim Anything in the world!!

Claims List

There aren't many rules to this one. But please pay attention and respect the few rules there are.

Each thing can be claimed ONCE.
You may not use variations of the thing to be claimed. For Instance:
*I claim George Washington
*I claim Mr. George Washington.
Nope. Doesn't work that way.

Please do not post claims as comments on entries.
If you do this, to prove what a complete idiot you are, your claim will be ignored until you can post an entry like everybody else.

At least once a week, an updated claims list will be posted. It will be in lj cut form. ha.

Pay attention
Each person gets ONE (1) claim.
There are 3 ways to get more than one claim.
1. If you do something special for me, such as my friend teaching me the lj cut, or the first person to teach me layouts.
2. If I'm feeling generous. Holidays may get you an extra claim.. HA HA HA
3. If you refer a person to this community. If somebody told you about this community, and you join, please post the name of the user in your entry, and you will each receive [1] extra claim. However, you can only receive 1 extra referral claim once a month.

DO NOT claim stupid things like "your mom" "that thing over there".. etc. They must be actual things/people, or your claim will not go through, and your one claim privelege will be revoked.

Be nice, no arguing, no drama. Keep your posts short, please.



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